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Plain and simple folks -mallcore!!!! - 2%

PowerMetalGuardian, May 25th, 2003

All I have to say is, What the fuck? This is the almighty thrash band Sepultura? Fuck no, it can not be. First off let me warn everyone, this is not a pretty album, or a pretty reivew. This isn't even fucking metal, it is sloppy ass riffs, barely any soloing, and a mix of fast chaotic growling vocals that doesn't even match the other instruments.

I am gonna do a indepth (but brief) review of the first couple songs, then an overall view. This is to help the viewer stay away from this mallcore infested boobytrap!

First song up Against- Its only a minute some, no big deal. Starts off with a cool drum fill, but then goes into a shitty riff that sounds to much like pop-punk. It's forty seconds in the song and the singing comes in, choppy and inconsistent. The riffs are way to simple, straight punk like eight notes, with a squealing guitar sound. Are my ears bleeding?

Choke- Wow, this is way to much mallcore for me. The drumming is totally off from the bass beat, no consistency. The vocals are over stressed, the singer is definetly trying to hard. Try singing instead of screaming till your face turns red! Then there is about a minute of weird techno sound, don't know what that is about!?!?

Rumors- Drums are ultra fast in the beginning, kudos to them. But then the song slows down, tremendously. Whispering vocals? Then screaming till your face turns red. Come on this is straight out Mallcore. This song reminds me a lot of a Nine Inch Nails song! So if you dig NIN then you might like this!

Old Earth- This song takes about a minute of pure guitar noise with no signfigance. The drums are cool, nice double beat. But the fading in and out vocal sound is really crappy, and done really bad. Then it carries on the slow, fast type speed. Then towards the end they have this guy singing and this guy talking and the drummer is just hitting his cymbals. Yeah, that's annoying!

Floaters In Mud- Starts off with what appears to be a chime of some sort. Then that deep bass tone, found in nu metal. Then a minute later it carries on the crappy pace of slow then fast. Once again the singer trys to fucking hard. He is aiming for quality, but in return gets a pile of rat shit. This song also has some techno (remix if you will) sounds at the end that are totally bizare. It's like Godsmake made love to Nine Inch Nails.

My overall analysis is crap, and more crap. I like metal, not mallcore. Old Sepultura was pure thrashing bang your fucking head untill your spinal cord breaks. Your bobble doll on your dashboard of your car won't even move if you play this stuff. If you like mallcore then by all means procede with this album...But do not call this thrash metal!!! To go further here are some more songs to prove my case. The song Reza starts off with a drum beat and then a weird guitar sound. Then drum beat, then weird sound, etc. What comes next? A crappy muffled growled vocal. To take it further, they fucking talk in the song! I recommend this to mallcore fans. No metal head should ever have to suffer listening to this shit!