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Senmuth - Sthana Ekanta - 50%

ConorFynes, December 21st, 2010

As expressed by Senmuth himself, this album is essentially a sequel to the earlier album 'Swadhisthana;' a continuation of his tribute to India and it's 'centuries-old culture.' By using an array of Indian music samples thrown into his robotic mix of industrail metal, 'Sthana Ekanta' is a work of music that gets the concept of 'exotic' down right. Unlike many works of the man where the ethnic elements sound hollow and fake, the result of the samples gives a more authentic feeling than is typically heard on an album by Senmuth.

The composition and songwriting itself is nothing to write home about; Senmuth has always been an artist that is better distinguished for his abilities of arrangement over the core writing. Much of the writing merely 'flows,' it leaves neither a lasting impression, nor does it repulse the listener. What it does do however, is give a fertile ground for Senmuth to sport a very keen atmosphere and vibe that runs throughout the majority of the album. Recordings of Indian singers (both male and female) are played here amidst a mixture of traditional raga sounds and a more mechanical electronic rhythm, with metal flourishes here and there to help maintain the Senmuth sound.

While I did not care for 'Swadhisthana' all too much, 'Sthana Ekanta' certainly seems like an improvement over it's predecessor. It's not an excellent album by any means, and never at any point served to catch my attention in a big way. For fans of Senmuth's more ambient and ethnic leaning side of music however, this is certainly recommended.