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Senmuth - Path Of Satiam - 70%

ConorFynes, December 21st, 2010

From his origins as an industrial metal maniac, Senmuth seems to have come quite a long way in two years. While he has released Raga albums in the past ('Swadisthana' comes to mind,) 'Path Of Satiam' doesn't try too hard to be 'ethnic,' and the music is kept from being too dense and challenging, while still maintaining interest after several listens.

Many traditional Indian/Middle Eastern instruments are combined with more contemporary sounds such as the electric guitar, and electronic music elements to make a very compelling new age work. While many Senmuth albums try to go all over the map (and end up feeling a bit scattered as a result) the sound here is kept relatively peaceful, although there's a wide variety of emotions throughout the half hour of music. From the beautifully tender 'Lament Of Taj Mahal' to the ominous anthem 'Terrace Of Baalbek,' the music demonstrates that Senmuth can be very diverse with his composition, even while remaining within a single prescribed genre.

While it is still evident that a fair amount of the music and sound here was spawned on a computer, things sound incredibly well produced for an independent project, and what electronic presence there is here doesn't deter from the performed instruments at all. Senmuth has greatly impressed me with this album; 'Path Of Satiam' provides a much more vivid musical experience than some of the other lesser works the man has created in the past. While there aren't necessarily standout tracks on 'Satiam' and the Indian-inspired sound of the album will not appeal to every set of ears, this is an album whose beauty takes a few listens to set in, but it is certainly worth the effort to provide a relaxing and exotic musical journey.