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Senmuth - Oracle Octave Part I: Orion Mystery - 70%

ConorFynes, December 21st, 2010

Having listened to over ten Senmuth albums before moving onto the 'Oracle Octave' duology, I can safely say that I am pretty familiar with the man's style, trends, and flaws. While each Senmuth album always had music on it that I enjoyed to varying degrees, I'll admit I was getting a bit frustrated with the seemingly endless rut of mediocrity that alot of his creation seemed to fall into. However, I kept hopeful that an album would come along that would shake what I thought I knew about Senmuth's abilities and really impress me... After all, out of such quantity of albums produced, there would have to be one to come along that would be excellent. After having listened to 'Orion Mystery,' it becomes clear that my hopes have been realized; Senmuth has finally released an album that has grabbed my attention, and developed the project's sound into something on another level altogether.

Most importantly, it must be noted that virtually all of the problems I have had with the Senmuth sound in the past have been remedied. I noticed very subtle improvements in Senmuth's trademark industrial/world metal sound with the release of each album, but I would always be left a bit dissapointed. Even one song into 'Orion Mystery,' it's clear that almost everything has been improved. There is much more instrumental melody here, dynamic, and even an improved sound of production, which I never realized I had a problem with in earlier albums until hearing how much better Senmuth sounds in higher fidelity.

The album is entirely instrumental, which works well for Senmuth's style of composition. Some of the songs do seem to get a bit dry at points, but even the less melodic parts lend an air of atmosphere and feeling to the music. At times sounding like space psychedelic, at others like folk metal; Senmuth's 'Orion Mystery' may very well have something for everyone. All I can say is that I'm all the more excited to listen to more Senmuth albums after seeing what a successful project the man can dish out.