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Senmuth - No More Sense - 30%

ConorFynes, December 21st, 2010

The third album of Senmuth's to follow a strictly industrial metal approach (the first two being the debut 'Cognitive Discord' and the second being 'Precession,') 'No More Sense' is a pretty dissapointing recycle of a style Senmuth has already covered from head to toe. While the music is still well produced as Industrial music goes, the songwriting and performance here feels very lackluster, especially considering there are two albums done before this that go down the very same path, and do a much better job of providing an enjoyable listening experience.

Perhaps it is just me tiring of the same driving, distorted electronic metal that Senmuth has based his early career around, but it feels like almost all of the material here has already been done by Senmuth before, to varying extents. It is certainly not the sign of a strong album, when the most enjoyable track is an electronic remix of a song from 'Cognitive Discord.' While the album before this 'Precession,' seemed to act like a shadow to the debut record, it had a few tracks and vocal performances which were really impressive and made it a worthy record to check out. 'No More Sense' is possibly the first Senmuth album I've listened to, that doesn't necessarily have anything 'fresh' going on.

While Senmuth may have skill at making very dense soundscaping here, the overwhelming nature of all of the ambience and sounds detracts from the melody and songwriting at heart, making this feel like a pretty uninspired, forgettable listen.