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Senmuth - M.OMEN.T - 80%

BluesForSkyValley, March 20th, 2012

This is one of Senmuth's stranger albums. It's mostly dominated by electronics, but the songs vary from track to track. The first song, "Coming Soon: Maha Pralaya" is the most electronic-dominated song on the album, and at times borders on being straight-up techno music, although it utilizes sitar to satisfying effect and still manages to have the powerful sound we've come to expect from Senmuth. "In Illusion And Out of Life", the second song, is a simple piano song. It feels rather out of place, but is enjoyable in its own right. The last three songs are the most similar to each other, being heavy on both electronics and guitars. Sometimes the guitar sounds a bit oddly placed, for example, around the first four minutes of "End of Manvantara" but when it blends well, it creates a delightful sound of bombast. "Global Structuralismania" stands out at particularly bombastic.

M.OMEN.T is a great album. It portrays the electronic metal sound it was going for well. The only minor nitpicks are the moments that feel rather out of place, which are the piano song and the guitars towards the beginning of the final song. But overall, these don't bring the album down too much, and it's still worthy of a listen.