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Senmuth - In Archetypes - 50%

ConorFynes, January 9th, 2011

Falling comfortably into Senmuth's mid-period career of ethnic ambiance and progressive electronica, 'In Archetypes' is another album that is sadly defined by it's mediocrity in Senmuth's discography. Yet another release in an increasingly vast string of albums by this Russian one man experimental project, the album further delves into Senmuth's dark fascination with exotic cultures, without necessarily developing the sound into anything new.

As usual, the album is quite well produced and put together considering it's place as an indie release, and especially providing how quickly the album was apparently made. While many of the instruments here (barring the guitars) are artificially produced through use of a computer, things sound warm enough to be enjoyable, and there are is a surprising amount of detail and small flourishes in the music that only reveal themselves should the listener pay close enough attention.

As an album 'In Archetypes' does share the same style as those produced around the same time, but is graced with some stronger music. While much stronger albums like 'Contextual' were graced with some good melodic writing, the leads in the music here feel improvised, but often switches between different lead instruments (electric guitar, flute and so forth), much in the same way that jazz does. While none of the musicianship here is too impressive, things are played with decency.

'In Archetypes' is a hard album to comment on clearly, for the fact that while it is an interesting trip into a myriad of different cultures through the mind of mastermind Valery Av, the album lacks a sort of personal identity that many Senmuth albums fortunately were given. A pleasant listen for the most part, but there's the unyielding feeling that everything I listened to here will fade in memory in a short time.