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Senmuth - From Saturn to Uranium - 60%

ConorFynes, December 21st, 2010

Taking some of the more upbeat tracks from Senmuth's first score of albums or so, and compiling them as remixes, Senmuth's first 'remix' album is a good foray into some of the more 'danceable' and poppy work done by this interesting Russian project. While the remixes themselves are generally not far flung from the originals, there's enough fresh arrangement here to be worth checking out. Moreover, the album works as a potential 'best-of' compilation for newcomers to make their first entrance into an otherwise very daunting discography.

From start to finish, the music is driven by electronic beats, downtuned guitar work and the distinct vocals of Senmuth mastermind Valery Av. Some of the best 'dance' tracks from Senmuth are featured here, including the infectiously catchy synth roller coaster 'От Утробы к Обелиску' and the heavy pulses of 'Жизнь.' As a pretty familiar listener of Senmuth's work, I don't see any huge difference from the original tracks; the benefit here is the fact that some of the better tracks are compiled. However, like the remix album released the year after this one ('Songs Of Life'), there is a noticeable electronica beat added onto many of this tracks. A few details in musical arrangement are added to the songs here, but unless they are played side- to-side, the average listener is not going to pick a lot of the changes up.

While perhaps unnecessary as a 'remix' album, 'From Saturn To Uran' is made worthy by the fact that it helps to compile some of the more memorable tracks from Senmuth's early career under a single banner.