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Odd...but strangely pleasing. - 80%

BluesForSkyValley, March 20th, 2012

As a huge fan of both Senmuth and Mercyful Fate, I went into this not knowing what to expect. Their styles of music are completely different, and Mercyful Fate is one of the last artists you would expect someone like Senmuth to cover. But it worked extremely well, for one reason-Senmuth made the song his own. Any good cover doesn't simply aim to copy the original, but aims to play it in the chosen style of the band doing the covering. And this is one of the best examples you can get, because Senmuth sure as hell did not copy Mercyful Fate's style at all.

The song begins with "Come, come, to the Senmuth..." What? I thought this was Come To The "Sabbath"? A perfect example of how Senmuth personalized the song, by changing around the lyrics to fit his style. The guitar has a much more noisy and industrial tone than the original, and it's laced with electronics and other instruments, giving it a very unique sound. The part that sticks out the most to me is harpsichord part, where it sounds like dozens of instruments all going on. Guest vocalists Lefthander and Eresh perform vocal duties, with Lefthander doing the harsh vocals and Eresh doing the high vocals. The high vocals sound completely different from King Diamond's, with more of a tortured snarl to them, and the harsher vocals complement the industrial natural of the song.

Overall, is it better than the original? No, but is it great in its own right? Absolutely. Someone unfamiliar with Senmuth who happens upon this cover, however, would probably either hate it or be completely baffled and confused. This is one of the strangest, most bizarre, and least-reminiscent-of-the-original covers ever. And that's exactly what I like about it.