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Senmuth - Calendar Complex - 30%

ConorFynes, December 13th, 2010

When first beginning my voyage, I was surprised by the fact that with each album I listened to, this Russian experimental project would throw something new and relatively fresh at me. Going from 'dance metal' to orchestral composition to folk, the running theme here is that I've always been sure that with each new album, Senmuth will bring something new to the table. That's the whole reason I keep coming back for album after album... However, when an album comes that feels like it's simply reprising what Senmuth has already done in the past, there's a real feeling of disappointment. Such is my sentiment towards the album 'Calendar Complex.'

After the project's first few albums, Senmuth could be seen going towards an almost purely instrumental structure for his music, while still keeping the metal fusion sound in check. Each album thus far in Senmuth's discography has been made interesting by the fact that it shows progress over the past works. 'Calendar Complex' feels almost as if Senmuth has fallen into a rut (at least with this album) and can't add something new, or interesting. The sound of 'Calendar Complex' falls directly into the category of his ethno-electronic work. Most of the songs could almost be considered ambient in nature; a lack of melody or striking structure to the music makes it naturally fall into the background, and little more. This is a more downtempo piece of work than most Senmuth albums, and while (as always) the electronic soundscaping is well-produced here, it does little to reinforce many of the recycled musical ideas here.

Perhaps I am being too harsh with 'Calendar Complex,' but for someone that has heard near- to dozens of Senmuth albums that work with this style with much more conviction and inspiration, this album feels wholly unnecessary.