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Senmuth - 29.03.2010 - 60%

ConorFynes, December 21st, 2010

An EP released in year where the experimental project Senmuth has been releasing one or two new albums every month, it seems a bit strange that- with such a penchant for writing so many full-length works in such a short time- Senmuth would turn to release a short two song EP as another one-off effort. While '29.03.2010' may slip underneath the radar for many due to it's short length and nature as generally being considered either a short extended play or even a singles release, the music here was surprisingly good for a Senmuth work, and the short length makes for a pleasant bite-sized portion of what is otherwise one of the most vast discographies around.

True to it's title, there's the impression that '29.03.2010' was written and produced over the course of one day. If this is true, than it really is a testament to how quickly Senmuth can make music, and how inspired he is as a musician. Contrary to the typically electronic world music he usually makes, the music here could almost be described as an orchestral funeral dirge. There are some electric guitars that peak their heads towards each song's 'finale,' but the majority of the sound either takes place in the form of piano, percussion and some symphonic emulations that add texture and depth to the sound. The first half of the EP is a highly piano- based effort that ultimately builds into something very cool, with daunting orchestral tones and a metal-leaning climax. It's the second track that really stands out here though, a slow piece of music that slowly builds like the first, but makes a more sensible use of sound, giving a very 'viking' cultural impression; the second track would work perfectly as a cinematic soundtrack of sorts.

An interesting EP, and anyone looking for stronger composition from Senmuth should certainly look here.