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Senmuth - Rezonans - 40%

ConorFynes, December 21st, 2010

Releasing about ten albums on average per year, the Russian artist Senmuth cannot be blamed for having a few slumps in what is otherwise a relatively steady string of mildly interesting releases. While each album may have had a personal identity of it's own when Senmuth first started as a project in 2004/05, there seems to be a growing tendency not to dish out fresh ideas, but to recycle old ones and rehash them for all they're worth. While Senmuth would certainly return to releasing higher grade albums, a brief period where he has released poorer albums such as this and 'Calendar Complex' seems to be evident. As an album on it's own, 'Rezonans' is a call back to the dance industrial sound, but generally fails to have the same consistency as past albums of the same sound.

In my eyes, this album feels like a vocal sequel to 'Calendar Complex;' a regression of sound coupled by a merging of many different Senmuth styles. Here, you can hear aspects of his ethnic and ambient work, all under the banner of his energetic electronic work. If anything, 'Rezonans' can be noteworthy for bringing vocal work back into the focus of Senmuth's music, his voice however still lacks the melody or power to really commend it. As always, the production here is quite surprisingly well-executed for what can be called an indie release. A few moments (especially sections concerning female vocal sampling, which is actually done quite well in 'Rezonans') do show promise and even trump alot of the material on past albums. The only track that really catches my ear here however is 'Многомерная Реальность,' but it arguably stands as being one of the best tracks Senmuth has fashioned over the past few albums.

While there are a few redeeming moments here, I cannot recommend this album as highly as some of the others, as it really lacks the consistency and sense of ambitious experimentation I would hope to find with a good Senmuth album.