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Senmuth - Muzyka Stranstviy - 60%

ConorFynes, January 9th, 2011

Directly translated into 'Seafaring Music,' Senmuth's 'Музыка странствий' is the Russian one man project's tribute to maritime exploration. From the album cover alone, one can get a good idea of what this album is meant to be about; the fresh feel of the open air, the exploration of new lands, and the vastness of the sea. However, while the music here is quite good by Senmuth's standards, there is very little musical connection that the sound here shares with the sea, barring some nautical ambiance at the start and finish.

Once again, the music here is a mesh of some electronic, and more folky, ethnic flourishes. While nothing too new for this experienced artist, the music is a bit better than what's now expected from Senmuth, and doesn't overdo either style into excess. While much of the music here is moreso for relaxation than the sake of an intent listen, the album spawns a certain highlight; 'Звездная карта странствий', which builds up around an interesting and quirky electronic sample.

Along with some beautiful album artwork that showcases 'Музыка странствий's theme, the music here is executed particularly well. While alot of the electronic work that Senmuth has done in the past sounded a little amateurish compared to the stronger production of the ethnic emulations, the electronica style reaches par here, and turns out to be the album's sonic highlight generally throughout.

An interesting album, and offers a few very pleasant sections and one excellent track, but as usual, it feels as if the music of Senmuth fails to reach it's maximum potential, for one reason or another.