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Senmuth - Knigi Vozneseniya II - 60%

ConorFynes, December 21st, 2010

An apparent sequel to the similarly titled 'Книги Вознесения I', this early 2010 release takes the dark ambient styles of Russian one man project Senmuth to new extremes. A apparently seamless flow of dissonant and martial rhythms and soundscapes, the album is certainly one of the less friendly pieces that this experimental act has to offer. By creating a highly experimental and- at times- jarring experience, Senmuth has created one of his most challenging works to date.

Garbed in Egyptian album artwork, it's clear from the get-go that this is one of Senmuth's ethnic albums, a particular style that Senmuth has done to death on countless albums in the past. What makes the work on 'Книги Вознесения II' a bit different isn't even in the modd itself, but the dissonant nature of the music. The same instrumentation is generally used here, including tribal drum rhythms, ambient woodwinds and Senmuth's signature style of lead playing. The way in which these parts are used makes 'Книги Вознесения II' a bit of a more unique trip in the course of the act's music, Senmuth is certainly not afraid to make the ambient sound here very dense, featuring a number of different sounds at any given time. While this makes things particularly hard to concentrate on any single musical idea, 'Книги Вознесения II' will inevitably lend a slightly new experience with each listen.

The album can't be spoken much in conventional terms, there are very little melodies or recurring themes to clasp onto here, only a dense wave of sound and ethnically-derived noise to get lost in. An intriguing release from this ambitious artist.