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Senmuth - Knigi Vozneseniya I - 40%

ConorFynes, December 23rd, 2010

A Senmuth project significantly shorter than most, 'Knigy Voznesenya I' seems to be a short bridge between longer albums; an apparent prelude to the full-length work of the same name. Comprised of one very long track and a shorter follow-up, Senmuth takes the opportunity to dive into a style of dark trance music with this one. While there are a few moments here - particularly on the second track - that hold some interest in listening, this EP is a rather uninspired and jagged piece of work, and fails to go anywhere with such a long composition.

Best described as dance music, the first track 'Тексты пирамид' is the obvious main attraction here, taking up two thirds of the EP's length with a dark, fast paced rhythm. The piece certainly takes it's time to develop certain musical ideas. For example, the first eight minutes of the piece can easily be summed up by some industrial background effects and a rapidfire electronic drum track. After that, the music abruptly shifts into a slower section dominated by Senmuth's sludgy guitar work. The entire song can basically be described by one of those categories, and neither musical idea is very interesting, making 'Тексты пирамид' a rather overdrawn and tepid listen.

The second track 'Тексты саркофагов' doesn't leave much of an impression either, but it flows much more smoothly, and makes better use of musical ideas. Reprising the fast electronic pace of the EP's beginning, there's a little more depth to the sound, including some ethnic string sounds and a changing dynamic between dense and lighter sections.

Throwing in some sparse ethnic samples throughout and an energetic pace, the music does give the impression that it could do well as a soundtrack for a cinematic car chase through the streets of some Eastern bloc city. As an independent listen however, 'Knigy Voznesenya I' fails to impress.