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Senmuth - Vossozdanie Beskonechnosti - 40%

ConorFynes, January 9th, 2011

Over the course of 2010, Senmuth released his greatest number yet of albums; which ultimately led to the man producing a record at the astounding rate of one every couple of weeks or so. On top of that, there was great variety over the course of the year. 'Воссоздание Бесконечности' (also known as 'Reconstruction Of Infinity') shows Senmuth focusing heavily on his electronic music. While an interesting change of pace from the largely ethnic works Senmuth usually offers, the music here drones on without much purpose or direction, and the result is a generally boring album that fails to grab the attention past a few minutes.

In relation to sound, the music here is almost strictly electronic, although a few hints of the ethnic music still poke through, such as the monastic meditative piece 'Сердцевина Всего Сущего'. For the most part however, this is electronic ambient music by textbook definition. There is very little structure to many of the songs, instead preferring to go about making large, washing layers of sound, at times putting some docile tribal drums in the background to give some form of direction. In terms of the more energetic, structured and melodic pieces, things are a bit less well-executed, but more enjoyable nontheless. There is a heavy electronic bass presence that generally leads alot of the lead melodies for the structured pieces, such as on the album's first full track 'Цикличность'. Beyond that and a handful of other songs though, things are very geared around an almost post-rock flavoured wall of sound.

The album's biggest flaw is that there is very little for the listener to grasp onto, therefore making the album a very ambient endeavour. Long, droning moments of quiet are interspersed with some heavier electronica, but beyond that, there is little more to 'Воссоздание Бесконечности'.