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Senmuth - Amenti - 30%

ConorFynes, February 4th, 2011

Just when one thought that Senmuth may have released enough compilations over 2010 to satiate his hunger, 'Amenti' is released. An apparent sequel compilation to 'Wema Tayn', 'Amenti' seeks to cover the same ground that it's predecessor did, throwing songs together from three of Senmuth's recent 'heavy' albums. However, with two compilations covering three albums, the purpose of a compilation itself seems to be defeated.

'Amenti' is distinguished from 'Wema Tayn' on the basis that it is a somewhat more collaborative effort than the first. While 'Wema' did feature vocal work from such vocalists as Annie Red Hat, the majority of 'Amenti' features vocals and lyrics by different vocals, most notably the strong tenor voice of Eresh, and conventional death grunts of Lefthander. However, this has already been heard before, not only on the studio albums, but on other compilations as well. This further pushes the idea that this compilation is wholly unnecessary.

While the album is marketed as a 'remix' work with modifications and edits done to each track, the music tends to suggest otherwise. While it's granted that edits have been made here, it's negligible and superficial at best, leaving one to wonder why a remix album would be released at all, if it becomes difficult to identify any differences.

One strength 'Amenti' has is that it's another excuse for Senmuth to make some great artwork. As Valery Av is a graphic designer in real life, he has made several sleeve sections to make up a virtual booklet for the album that is quite beautiful and professionally done. Besides that however, 'Amenti' offers virtually nothing to the Senmuth fan.