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Great solo album from a member of Neurosis. - 80%

SLlMER, May 1st, 2006

Neurosis may be easier simply referred to as an entity than as a band in any typical sense. My respect and appreciation for this entitity is infinite. This is Scott Kelly’s solo album from 2001 which was released on Neurosis’ own label Neurot. I like picking out the similarities in this album which is all very mellow and relaxing acoustic songs and then Neurosis which is, well…huge. The majority of the songs that make up this album have a dark and forlorn vibe to them, which makes this fulfilling to experience while in a similar mindstate. Not all the songs are this way however, “The Passage” and “Sacred Heart” are two songs that stand apart from the rest. These songs feel a little out of place to me alongside all the others though. The first song “I don’t feel you anymore” is probably the most powerful song on the album.

These are very expressive, slowly strummed and plucked acoustic songs with very well conveyed atmosphere of emotions. The vocals and lyrics are on equal par of expression with the guitar and both are well executed. The lyrics are at once straight forward and simplified yet not in meaning, more in form. The lyrics are honest, something to be deeply thought about because many lines are not clearly evident. Only in the sense that they require a bit of thought as to what one word is intended to mean in regards to the word adjacent with it. I like his style of writing, so much is expressed using very little words.

Standout tracks: “I Don’t Feel You Anymore”, “In Her Room”, “Through My Existence” and “The Honor Of My Prisoner." Since owning this album when I'm listening to Neurosis I feel like it’s more apparent which influences are coming from Scott Kelly and I appreciate those Neurosis albums even a little more than before (which was already to an unspeakable level of admiration.. Yes, a self-aware rabbid Neurosis fan here.) Overall I enjoyed this and I'm proud to have it in my collection. Recommended.