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German steel! - 100%

Metal_Thrasher90, May 23rd, 2008

Another excellent release by German metallers Scorpions in a fine moment. This one is specially remarkable, because it meant the move of the band into true metal, definitively. Along with Accept’s “Restless And Wild” (from the same year, 1982, a great period for metal), “Blackout” became a masterpiece of German metal, and had a huge influence on bands like Destruction, Kreator, Running Wild, Warlock, Rage or Blind Guardian. Also, like Accept’s one, this album contributed to the birth of thrash and speed metal, with killer tracks such as “Dynamite”.

“Blackout” features a great and powerful production by the legendary Dieter Dierks, and obviously the result is great. The sound, just solid, aggressive and fast. The classics “Dynamite”, the title track “Blackout” or “Can’t Live Without You” show an new attitude, stronger, harder and aggressive, as the cover also demonstrates. Klaus Meine’s voice sound sharp and dirty, but melodic and sophisticated at the same time. Matthias Jabs attacks with awesome shredding solos and Rudolf Schenker’s incredible virtuosity and riffs also contribute to build a legendary metal sound. The rhythmic parts are also played with passion and efficiency by Hermann Rarebell and Francis Buchholz, one of the best tandems of German music. “Blackout” is a wall of metal sound, filled with strength and raw attitude. “No One Like You” and “When The Smoke Is Going Down” are the ballads of the record. Both are from the best stuff ever released by Scorpions, although, in my opinion, I think the last track is slightly underrated. “Arizona”, “China White” and “Now!” aren’t considered classics by, anyway, what matters is that also shape a metal classic album.

In conclusion, this album is essential, It can’t be missed on any metal collection, along with another masterpieces from the same year, like Iron Maiden’s “Number Of The Beast”, Judas Priest’s “Screaming For Vengeance” or Accept’s “Restless And Wild”. Specially I highlight “Dynamite”, probably the most influential and speediest Scorpions song (along with “Sails Of Charon”) which is still an incredible metal anthem, awesome to listen in their concerts. The recordings from the Blackout Tour ’82 also demonstrate that the band was in a fine moment, ready after “Blackout” to record their definitively work “Love At First Sting”. I hope their recover those many old stuff in their concerts, because there ain’t no doubt that those are really an all time metal classics.