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Slayer is better - 25%

MikeBelial, January 29th, 2006

This album has a combination of atmospheres and sounds that are eerily similar. The first resemblance is to Deicide in terms of a Satanic vibe even if these guys are not Satanists. The album is filled with quick riffs, and demonic shouting vocals that remind me of Glen Benton on “Deicide” or “Legion.” The second relation is to Slayer (Who Deicide pretty much ripped off). The riffs are Slayer, the melodies are Slayer, and the solo’s are a less insane Slayer. Even the last song “The Last Awakening” is 13:11 of the same stuff I heard on the previous 7 tracks just longer and filled with melodic filler and clean vocals starting at about the 6:00 minute mark. I almost fell asleep from boredom even though the song is supposed to have bit of a Celtic folk tranquility.

“Mike does that mean this albums sucks,” you ask? Well, yeah, it is not the most creative thing I have ever heard especially on a second release that should be better than the first. Analytically speaking if these guys are using a formula to attain success then they are a dismal failure. This is for the reason that many are the Slayer and Deicide rip offs and those bands that do it blatantly either suck donkey sack or are uninspired. Either way what happens is that a guy like me buys this disc, feels ripped off for getting it, then throws it on the shelf to be later sold for $2 at the local disc store. At least I can get more use out of a pack of rolling papers I bought for $2 bones.