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Saxon's break-through album - 90%

Dethrone_Tyranny, January 17th, 2004

Wheels Of Steel is the first chart topping album from Saxon, and the break-through album that not only got them famous in Britain during the NWOBHM movement, but also in the US as well. The overall quality is a far step ahead from their 1979 s/t debute.

1. Motorcycle Man - A close tie with Saxon's first biker themed song, Stallions Of The Highway, but I've gotta give this one more credit due to the loud engine intro, leading the listener right into a speed metal assault. Killer song!

2. Stand Up And Be Counted - Hence its title, this song has a lot of attitude, both vocally and and lyrically. One of Saxon's usuall messages to their fans is not to take shit from anyone, and this song does just that. One of the best.

747 (Strangers In The Night) - Oh boy, the riffage here is incredible, just fucking awesome. I just love the overall mood that this one sets, but of course, the main highlight is the chorus. One of the best that Saxon has done. Think this version is awesome? Then you should hear it played live....front stage like me!!!

Wheels Of Steel - Here we have one of Saxon's most popular tunes, probably THE MOST popular. It's the heaviest song on the album, and the overall attitude to it just kills..."I'm burnin' sonic rubber, I don't take no bullshit!"...killer song, no wonder why it is so popular in the Metal scene. It was one of the heaviest songs at the time.

See The Light Shining - This one is also pretty popular and talked about quite a bit among Saxon fans, but I never figured why. It's average at best and the weakest song on the album.

Street Fighting Gang - Yes, the song is indeed as cool as its title. Nasty, mean and raw, good heavy Metal at its best. Biff sounds pissed off in this one, but what else can you expect from a song called Street Fighting Gang? I'd have to say that this one is also quite underrated.

Suzie Hold On - A good ol' Metal ballad, and Saxon is quite good at doing ballds, unlike some bands...

Machine Gun - Again, this is one of my favorites and a killer way to end off the album. Awesome speed metal with lethal lyrics and amazing riffage, especially towards the end.