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Grab the clutch and snap it! - 86%

Anzuhan, November 7th, 2004

Saxon's Wheels of steel album is yet another example which truly shows
how attractive Saxon's music is. Even though it's not that heavy often,
what it lacks in heaviness, it gains in speed, and vice versa.

For example, the opening track Motorcycle man has got a rather simple
riff but is a very nice track nonetheless, the drums and the twin guitars
with Biff's screechy vocal lines only make it better and better. A great track.
Thumbs up!

Stand Up And Be Counted is a bit repetitive but has got a fantastic chorus
and good vocal lines, and the opening riff really blows your mind up.
While not being so fast-and-furious as the other tracks, it is heavy all
the same.

747 (Strangers in the night) has got interesting verses and good vocal
lines and a great solo. The title track, Wheels of Steel is a bit hard rockish,
but you can't deny Saxon hadn't had influences in that time from rock, can you?
It has a superb chorus and memorable vocal lines ("She's got -- wheels, wheels of steel!").

In Freeway Mad Saxon speaks about life on the highway, and Saxon does it good.
A wonderful riff combined with aggressive riffing make it a fantastic song,
and especially the solo! See The Lightning has got, like Wheels of Steel, a
most memorable vocal line in the chorus.

Then just before the best track in the album come two in my opinion worst songs
on the whole album -- Street Fighting Gang and Suzie Hold On. In all, they're
not very interesting, the riffs are dull and boring. One might ask, why did they include these songs?

But then comes Machine Gun. A mind-blowing riff and without question the
best song on the whole damn album ("Machine gun! Machine gun! Machine gun!").
In the middle it has er... some funny wankery with the guitars that utterly
make you quiver. It has a nice solo, too.

Simply put: this is the NWOBHM album. Get this, and you'll never regret it.