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This is a very poor album - 29%

RequiredFields, January 23rd, 2006

Savatage tries to go pop with this album. The album was quite poorly received by the fans, and did not break the band into the mainstream.

The band themselves are ashamed of this album, and have not played anything off of it live since the 1980s.

The title track opens up the album, and starts off decent, but then falters right after that. "Out on the Streets" is a remake of the ballad at the end of the debut album, Sirens. I guess that because they were going commercial, they would re-record one of their more commercial songs from a previous album. The original is a great song, and the cover is a pale imitation. It's not cringe worthy, like much of this album is, but the original version of the song owns it.

"Crying for Love" is a rather crappy song. "Day After Day" is a cover of a song by some other band, and man, does it ever suck. I know it's a cover, but it's probably the worst song Savatage have ever recorded.

"The Edge of Midnight" actually had potential, and could have been a good song, easily, with a few tweaks. But it's got some rather lame parts, which bring it down. Some of the fills here are quite cool.

"Hyde" is probably the heaviest song here, and is probably the best. Either way, it is easily the closest thing to a normal Savatage song to be found on this album. "Lady in Disguise" -- here come the crap police, and they're here to invade our ears again. "She's Only Rock N Roll" has a somewhat catchy riff, but a horrendous chorus. "Wishing Well" is another crapfest. "Red Light
Paradise" closes the album, and is another one of the heavier cuts, and probably the second best song here. Solid main riff.

I am glad that this album failed commercially, because if it did, they likely would have had to continue in this direction instead of go back to the old style. The result of this album's failure? One year later, they recorded their best album.