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The Beginning of a New Era - 88%

FOrbIDen, May 1st, 2011

Sarah Jezebel Deva latest release after touring with bands like Mortiis, Cradle of Filth, and Therion is different but amazing. Her debut album, "A Sign of Sublime" is heavy with distorted guitars, dark and atmospheric with keyboards, beautiful with her voice behind the mike, and has galloping drums. Her solo album has more guitars than bands like "Within Temptation", and even Sarah's past band "Angtoria", a band which was good, but fell flat on its face.

Though the music is labeled symphonic gothic metal it really does not have that many dominant orchestral parts, infact this album is heavier than her past band Angtoria; I don't mean just by having the guitar's presence being acknowledged a little bit more, I mean other than vocals, it's the main instrument. But there are exceptions, tracks like "New Born Failure", "The Dvil's Opera" and "Daddy's Not Coming Home" are much more orchestral or ambient. The bass is not as noticable, only really in the fourth track, and most of that is lower instruments like cello and double bass, and bass drum.

I feel that the recording of this album is not the best quality and that it can sound better, but that might also be true for the song writing in general. The meledies and harmonies work together, especially in the title track for this album. Alone the melody for this track is really off the wall and weird but the harmony gives it substance and makes sound tasteful. The lyrics are better than the lyrics out of Angtoria's "God Has A Plan For Us All", and she shows off her lyrics in the most black metal influenced song "They Called Her Lady Tyranny". "Relives her fears with a skin stained belt, it’s a feeling like you’ve never felt, to watch her flesh and blood deflate agony reflects, glass eyes dilate". Though I hate the rhyming it is catchy and memorable.

Highlights: She Stands Like Stone, The Devil's Opera, They Called Her Lady Tyranny, and Your Woeful Chair