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Here We Go Again... - 50%

Daru_Jericho, November 21st, 2009

In the wave of folk metal frenzy that has recently struck the metal scene, it seems peculiar that German folk fanatics Saltatio Mortis are unfamiliar to most. In their nine years of existence, they have released seven full-length albums, alongside one live album.

‘Wer Wind Sæt’ is dominated by an array of folk instruments including flutes, bagpipes, lutes, fiddles and lesser known instruments like the Indian wui, schalms and citterns to name a few. The main concern is the dominance of the bagpipe which draws attention away from the guitars and drums, which never do anything phenomenal. Many of the songs are indiscernible with only the bagpipes doing something vastly different.

Naturally, the bagpipes echo Eluveitie (although Saltatio Mortis are older) but they do not have Eluveitie’s growls or melodic death metal engravings. The vocals are standard but monotonous, although formidable female vocals appear on ‘Salome’.

Most of this album is filler with unconventional instruments doing something creative. Folk fans who are not concerned with repetition may enjoy this but otherwise it is not worth buying in this recession.

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