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The phoenix is rising! - 82%

kluseba, October 30th, 2010

After many internal problems and line-up changes, Saltatio Mortis came back with this record and broke free, forgetting about the hopeless past and complications. This album sounds more positive than the last one, they go back to their roots and concentrate on the folk instruments, traditional lyrics and epic choruses. The creativity is back.

The opener "Prometheus" is easily the best opener the band has ever done, the pipers are dominating this epic song and the chorus is extremely addicting. Singer Alea sings in a much diversified style, sometimes he incarnates the mystical storyteller, then the enthusiastic singer and even a dark or harsh personality.

"Spielmannsschwur" is the new band anthem and talks about freedom and passion. This song is short and sweet, has amazing sing along parts and a brilliant chorus for the crowds. "Uns gehört die Welt" goes in the exactly same direction and has the same topics and musical styles.

Songs like "Sieben Raben" or "Varulfen" tell traditional folk stories and are a lot slower, darker and concentrate on a mystical atmosphere. This is true epic Medieval Rock, music to discover, to dream and think about.

Even if the second half of the new album is not as strong as the first part and delivers the typical band songs, the first five creative songs deliver a feeling of passion that many bands can't transmit. This positive album is finally more diversified, more folk, more party than the last album that went too much into a depressive Industrial Metal style. This one is by far the band's best album!