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Salome - Salome - 75%

PrinceofEmptiness, March 25th, 2011

Salome is a three-piece sludge band from Virginia currently signed to Profound Lore Records. On their 2008 self-titled debut they play sludge the way it's supposed to be played, pissed off and fucking slow. The vocals are done by Katherine "Kat" Katz (Agoraphobic Nosebleed) and she does a great job, she reminds me of a less guttural Runhild Gammelsaeter of Thorr's Hammer. If I had to compare their sound to another band I would say they are similar to Cough, but less sprawling. An interesting note to make is that like Pig Destroyer and Black Cobra, Salome proves that bass isn't always a necessity in the world of metal to be sufficiently heavy. My favorite track on the album is probably the opener "The Vivification of Ker" which plays off the same riff for most of the song, but also sprinkles in some stoner influence near the end. "Black Tides" and "White Tides" complement each other very well. The former has some post-rock vibes at the beginning (at least until the vocals kick in) and the latter is just crushing the whole way through, with some of the more up-tempo riffs on the entire album. The album closer "Onward Destroyer" can become a little tedious at times when there isn't much going on and it probably features the album's weakest moments, but it is still a fitting ending to the album. This is the first release I have ever heard by Salome, but they are definitely a band I plan on paying attention to in the future.

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