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Reich Rules supreme - 99%

morbert, May 3rd, 2007

I can be simple about this one. Bollocks to all newbie thrash teens who don’t get it: This is one of the classic eighties thrash metal EP’s. For one it has the most famous Sacred Reich track on it (‘Surf Nicaragua’) which incorporated some heavily punk influenced straight forward uptempo thrash metal as well as interesting late-eighties breaks and the famous Beach Boys surfing riff. For modern standards this happy form of thrash metal is of course not ‘true’ nor ‘evil’ enough since sarcasm and cynicism in metal is something newbies do not seem to understand anymore *sigh*. Just like the song, the lyrics are also in essence funny in a sarcastic way.

‘One Nation’ is stylewise the missing link between the uptempo thrash metal from their debut ‘Ignorance’ and the midtempo power thrash from their later second full length ‘The American Way’. Great song really. The old demosong ‘Draining you of Life’ should stylewise have been on their debut of course but fortunetaly they re-recorded it for this EP. The Black Sabbath cover ‘War Pigs’ is more than decent with Phil Rinds vocals actually being pretty damn good!

An what can I say about that briliant album cover. One of the ultimate ones in thrash metal!
The CD version also had two live tracks, being actually the best two songs from their debut (‘Death Squad’ and ‘Ignorance’). So have perfect can it be? There is no such thing as 100 points, so 99% is what I’ll give.