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Rush - Tom Sawyer - 80%

ConorFynes, August 23rd, 2011

Being the single that was spawned from the first progressive rock record I really dove into, it goes without saying that I would have affection for this corresponding single. Claiming the first few minutes of 'Moving Pictures', 'Tom Sawyer' really sets the stage for the quality that is to come. As well as being a fantastic live track to hear from the band, Rush really manages to harness their progressive inclinations and cater it towards a song that is both intelligent and undeniably memorable from the first listen onwards.

Being a relatively upbeat rocker and a great demonstration of the band's songwriting and musical skills, 'Tom Sawyer' is a perfect single for the album, and I remember it being one of the songs that convinced me to check out what is today, one of my favourite bands. The second track on this single is 'Witch Hunt,' an incredibly atmospheric and profound track. As one might be able to tell from the title, this is Rush at some of their darkest and most 'creepy', for lack of better parlance.

While a single that delivers no original material obviously cannot be an 'essential masterpiece' by any stretch, 'Tom Sawyer' is a fantastic song and a testament to the band's skill. Recommended to anyone who might want to get into Rush.