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Rush - The Spirit Of Radio Compilation - 60%

ConorFynes, August 23rd, 2011

I'm actually surprised that a good compilation for Rush comprising such a vast span of their career has been made. Usually, there is a huge concentration on getting as many two-minute songs on a compilation as a disc can hold, but while none of the more progressive tracks like 'Xanadu' are featured here that should be, the songs that have been chosen are good; there isn't wasted track time here. Starting with a couple of rocking tracks from their debut, the compilation essentially takes the listener on a brief journey through the course of over 10 years of good music. The artwork is a bit strange (what that dalmatian is doing behind the radio we'll never know) but functional and professional enough.

The 'Retrospective'-era focused records aside, this is about as good a single 'best-of' record as you're going to get from Rush. Of course, there's no point for someone who is a fan to buy these, but potential new fans should keep an eye out.