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Rush - Snakes & Arrows - 60%

ConorFynes, August 23rd, 2011

After a lengthy hiatus, Rush is finally back in full form, although not nearly to the glory of their former days. What we have here is not only a very well-written album, but an album that flows down the vein of a more modern rock sound instead of a more musically and composition-complex style. However, while this album certainly doesn't have any form of 'immortal' quality about it, it's more or less solid.

'Snakes & Arrows' got a little bit old for me rather quickly. The songs 'Armor and Sword' and 'The Main Monkey Business' are the only two great songs on here. 'Armor And Sword' is actually great to the point of being fantastic. It's probably the best song Rush has done in over two years. It's something of a mini-epic. The lyric 'no one gets to their heaven without a fight' has a resounding power to it. Despite what I said before about the modern rock sound, this can easily be considered progressive rock. There are some strange rhythms in it, yet it's a very solid composition. Unfortunately, that's the only bit of prog the listener gets on 'Snakes & Arrows'.

Geddy's voice has really matured, and although there isn't as much of a vocal range in him anymore, there's a more universally-appealing sound to his voice, falling into a tenor range now instead of the usual alto.

Unlike most 'new' non-prog albums, this album actually has a decent flow about it. It's not fantastic, and this can't by any stretch of the imagination be compared to 'Moving Pictures' or 'Hemispheres', but what the hell, I'm happy to have Rush back anyways!