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Rush - Through Time - 20%

ConorFynes, August 23rd, 2011

Well, as if there weren't enough Rush compilations on the market, this does however have the quality of being quite a bit less common than some of the other 'best-of' collections, and unlike some of the worse compilations out there, there seems to be an effort here to give it some form of continuity and flow. To that effect, many songs are out of their chronological order of release, although they are all from the same relative era.

In terms of song choice, this really isn't the best. I certainly wouldn't put 'Best I Can' on any best-of release for this band, and if it's including 'A Farewell To Kings', where are some of the better tracks from there like 'Xanadu'? From the looks for this, it looks like a compilation geared towards the casual listener despite the fact they include (a highly reduced excerpt) of '2112'.

The artwork is pretty amateurish, so there's really no point to purchasing it with the exception of its rarity. Despite some positive effects of the track order, this is just a compilation that has faded into the annals of obscurity.