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Rush - Rush - 30%

ConorFynes, August 23rd, 2011

This is what Rush is like without any sense of progression. This is not progressive rock. This is Led Zeppelin-influenced blues/classic rock. Neil Peart wasn't even a member of the band yet! The only three songs here that stand out are 'Finding My Way,' 'In The Mood,' and 'Working Man,' which still get some decent radio play by classic rock stations, but in all seriousness, in terms of musical intelligence and innovation, this album is massively shadowed by the band's coming works.

However, this isn't a 'bad' album (if it was, it would have earned one star). It's just not that great, at least in the eyes of a prog fan. The thing that makes this album suffer the most is its total lack of 'prog.' That's why it can't be marked too high. For a pure classic rock fan, this might come across as being a great album. There's definitely talent to be seen here, 'cause this is still Rush! But this is Rush without keyboards, without meaningful lyrics, but with rather lacking production quality and self-indulgent solos.

A steady delve into the realm of classic rock, but Rush wouldn't have their first taste of prog until the excellent 'Caress Of Steel.' It only gets better from here.