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Rush - Entre Nous - 20%

ConorFynes, August 25th, 2011

'Permanent Waves' is a great Rush album, but I've always found it's been marred by a single song. No, it's certainly not the indomitable 'Jacob's Latter' or 'Natural Sciences.' 'Entres Nous' wasn't a 'terrible' song by any measure, it just didn't get any reaction out of me, and it made a lot of trouble trying to remember any of the hooks or anything in it. It should be a b-side, if anything. There was plenty on 'Permanent Waves' that was perfect radio material! 'The Spirit Of Radio' for example is a crowd favourite, as well as 'Freewill.'

At this point I am really wanting to mark this one star.

But oh, we have 'Different Strings' as a b-side to a b-side. 'Different Strings' is a beautiful song, with one of the most beautiful choruses I've ever listened to in a song. It's not often piano is heard in a Rush song, and it works with Geddy's voice perfectly. While having 'Different Strings' as a part as this product makes me want to give this two stars; I'm afraid I can't due to the sheer hypocrisy and inane placement. 'Different Strings' should not be dubbed a poor b-side for a mediocre song.

What a poor choice of single... This is upsetting.