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Farewell To Kings - 93%

Dragon_Tears, April 14th, 2003

This here is my favorite Rush album and is also one of their most popular. The album starts off with the title track and sets the mood for one the finest rock albums ever! This album has a real 70's vibe to it and is display through out the album.

Closer to the heart is a fan favorite and is also one my personal favs from the album the only problem with it is that it's really short but tasteful (it's 2:53 long). Another good song is Cinderella Man which has a nice chorus and catchy one at that.

I do notice on this album that Rush wrote some wicked solos on here and in my opinion they really stand out as their best. The rest of the album is excellent I highly recommend it for a fan of Rush and classic rock. Oh don't forget to pick up Fly By Night, 2112, and the s/t if you like this one.