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Decline indeed! - 20%

firebee1, December 15th, 2008

I don't know why I keep checking these old demos out and reviewing them. Most the time they have the same problem of having production so terrible that you can't make head nor tail of the music. This prompts the question of why they even exist. If I had a band that recorded something as horrible sounding as this, I certainly wouldn't let it be released. However, this has been released and so I will critique it like I would any other demo, because there definitely are good ones. Anyway, the music here is pretty sloppy goregrind. There's a cool riff here and there, nothing I'd come back and listen to again though. It's very hard to excuse production this bad. The drums sound like little toy firetrucks ramming into each other over and over (the snare is the only drum sound I can make out), the guitars sound like hordes of angry wasps out to destroy music as we know it, and the vocals (which I didn't realize were there until I was six songs in) sound like spastic whirring and whistling. All too common in the land of metal demos.