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A Damn Solid Debut - 80%

brocashelm, September 28th, 2009

England’s Rock Goddess had two big strikes against them. Firstly they were a touch late for the NWOBHM, and secondly they were perceived as a doppelganger to Girlschool, the nation’s premier all female metal outfit. This is unfortunate, because by ’83 Girlschool were well on their way to becoming irrelevant, while Rock Goddess had made a snappy and energetic debut of surprising quality.

Surprising I say, not because of the band’s sex, but because of their youth as a band. Much like the Runaways, Rock Goddess performed short and sweet anthems with a pop sensibility melded with tough rock sound. Guitarist Jody Turner possessed a gritty but tuneful voice, also delivering solid and biting rythym work, while sister Julie and bassist Tracey Lamb hold down the grooves with a locked in, solid feel. All of this serves to give plenty of life to the band’s economical tunes, “Heartache,” “Back To You,” and “Satisfied Then Crucified” being among the best. Top track has gotta be “My Angel, however, a really strong and tense up-tempo rocker that stands among the NWOBHM’s best. Production from renowned sound dude Vic Maile helps deliver the goods in vivid style, giving us a strong start to finish debut from a cool band.

Afterwards the band would issue Hell Hath No Fury, an overproduced, under-exciting affair before vanishing for some time. They’d reform occasionally without great results, making their debut their essential hour of power.