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Gotta let them rock hard! - 55%

Metal_Thrasher90, June 7th, 2010

For most of the NWOBHM fans, the 3 big and most successful bands of this killer metal wave were Iron Maiden, Saxon and Def Leppard, and these were the ones that managed to survive as the early ‘80s passed by (and the groups that sold more albums worldwide, outside the UK). But many others were left behind underrated, just forgot and some deadly wounded because of following a wrong direction (follow the glam fashion). I just think that Angel Witch, Venom, Raven or Tygers of Pan Tang are still terribly underrated and that’s a shame! On other hand, there were some other groups that didn’t reach the quality of these, and that’s the case of Rock Goddess. And I’m afraid that the little popularity they got was because (let us be honest with ourselves...) they were a band basically formed by a (pretty!) trio of female musicians.

“Hell Hath No Fury” was their second attack, and I have to say that you’ll feel a bit disappointed with this one if you compare it with their self-titled first album from the same year. Yeah the sound is still the same: entertaining hard rock, kinda cheesy silly love lyrics, catchy and simple songs...But in this album there’s a lack of the aggression, power and attitude that the first one had. So I don’t find it so amusing. “Hold Me Down” or “In The Night” are the typical Rock Goddess stuff: catchy,. Not spectacular nor remarkable, but an effective dose of good rock. And you couldn’t expect anything else than that, female bands by that time used to make music like this (we should wait some time for Warlock, Holy Moses, Sacrilege, Battlefield or Ice Age).

The rest of the tracks include a couple of ballads, “You’ve Got Fire” and “Don’t Want Your Love”, whose lyrics I wouldn’t take seriously at all, but anyway they’re done with passion. The finest moment of the album are “I’ve Seen It All Before” and “God Be With You” definitely, including some heavy riffs and nice lyrics. You can find also some old rock n’ roll sound in “Gotta Let Your Hair Down” and cheesy keyboards in “It Will Never Change” and in the weird “Visitors Are Here”, that make them sound abysmal.

I have to highlight the great work of Jody Turner in vocals, she’s got an awesome aggressive sexy voice and her guitar work too (game over for Kim McAulife). Her solos ain’t nothing out of this world, nor technical but as I said before, effective. Same with Dee O’Malley and my beloved Julie Turner beating her drums so fine, making the final result sound a lot better.

In conclusion, Rock Goddess are a professional band that rocks fine, and I would put her in ahigher level than Sledgehammer, Trespass, Battleaxe and even (or I should say “of course”?) Def Leppard. But to be honest, they never did anything special and I think the same of Girlschool, although thank God they never sounded like Vixen. So if you want to listen a group of gorgeous ladies rock hard, this is your album. But if you want to listen the NWOBHM in all its splendour, you’d better choose “Welcome To Hell”, “Killers” or “Rock Until You Drop”.