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underrated speed metal masterpiece - 100%

antisect45, April 21st, 2005

I can't think of any bands as fast and brutal as Rigor Mortis that can keep the same punk/hardcore edge that they do. Mike Scaccia's guitar work is fucking flawless as he alternates between speed-picked rhythm and tap solos, watching video of this shit makes me fall to my knees (why Ministry??!? Why?!?!). The production quality of this album and the Freaks 12" is definitely more crisp and clear than the first LP but I think it's more fitting for the amazing guitar and bass work which is much more than raw simplistic thrash like other bands. I can sit and listen to this album the whole way through without it ever losing my attention span. after the weird intro it fucking shreds from beginning to end (minus the Ramones cover). Songs like Throwback they're obviously trying say they're still down with the punks as well (shit, Casey Orr ALWAYS wore a Ramones shirt) might bore some people but then you've got some fast as shit blistering speed metal track, like Contagious Contamination or City in Fear. Fans are split cause the earlier Rigor Mortis you always knew what to expect with their style, but most of the songs on this last album leave a much bigger impresssion in my memory. I wish I could play this album to every kid who only knows Slayer or even the Yngwie Malmsteen worshippers, it would fucking blow anyone away.