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Get the latest one by The Grotesquery - 30%

joncheetham88, March 19th, 2014

Rogga's back yo. Insert comments about Rogga being prolific. Killer. So here's his latest album that isn't by The Grotesquery, hence my not exactly quivering in anticipation. Formula's pretty straightforward. Obviously. Big groovy riff for the verse, churning rhythms, and a twisty-turny tremolo fizzle to lead into the typical steamrolling bits. That is and was the recipe book for the entire album.

I noticed some things about this album. 'Orchestrating the Cacophony' kicks off with more of the bleak and burly moods of The Grotesquery, no bad thing. And there's definitely something head-nodding about those blaring riffs in 'Cemetary Dreams'. But it ain't enough. Not enough to manifest an actual character. By 'The Ones Who Hide and Wait', I feel I'd rather listen to the surprisingly decent new Deicide. Much like The Van Murders this album wears out its welcome and doesn't seem to get it back. The final tracks reach for a bit more atmosphere, in the creeping intro to the otherwise formulaic 'Skeletonized', and the Black Sabbath extracted, windswept notation of the title track. By then it's a little late though, and the disc could have done with some of this stuff in the middle to break up the monotony.

Having heard the most recent three or four by this band it's still a case of Kult of the Pneumatic Killrod or gtfo. After the satisfying, chunky riffs of cuts like 'Nocturnal Manslaughter' and 'Into the Filth' and the epic vibe of 'The Hegemony of the Hammer', the compositions here are just... nothing-y. Where even 'Flesh Psycho', the most typical Ribspreader-recipe track on Kult, spiced things up with some effectively catchy AC/DC death metal feels, not a single song here has a mote of that songwriting panache. It's The Van Murders again; dull as the cover art that adorns it. Well actually the cover art is heinously ugly, and not in a good way, but you know.

All in all, aside from Demiurg which is a bit different conceptually, a Rogga fix is still best obtained via the excellent two albums so far released by The Grotesquery, that one good album I've heard by Ribspreader, Kult of the Pneumatic Killrod, or that one good album by Revolting, The Terror Threshold.