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Revocation - Chaos Of Forms - 80%

jakster840, December 15th, 2011

Revocation is one of the more experienced metal acts amongst the ever-growing list of newer bands from this "New Wave of Thrash Metal" that we have witnessed and join ranks with their brethren Evile, Warbringer, Municipal Waste, etc. They stand out from the common rabble with their highly technical mixture of thrash and death metal that feels right at home with fans of either of the aforementioned genres. Revocation populates this fusion with fun riffs, catchy-as-hell solos, and twists in both tempo and rhythm that make their songs extremely memorable. Their third album, Chaos Of Forms, is by no means a departure from this winning formula, however gang-shouted choruses and a failed last quarter of the album take away from the overall experience.

The album starts out with the stand out (yet standard for Revocation) track, Cretin. The song starts out with a sonic riff that eventually ascends into a rhythmic and technical paradise with all instruments at top performance. Once that ends, we start to hear some of the new additions to the sound on this album with the next track, Craddle Robber. Half of the song's chorus is this gang-shouted, clean style singing method that initially sounds strange and out of place, but is eventually tolerated after a few listens. The next two tracks start out with some bland riffs that at first kill the mood, but eventually redeem themselves after their respective intros. However, the album loses some steam with the fifth song, Conjuring The Cataclysm. It quickly lets the listener down after its epic intro with mid-paced riffs and more gang shouts. By the end of that song, however, one of the best songs that Revocation has written, No Funeral, begins to play - commence uncontrollable thrashing. The next two tracks are great with the title song topping the two. Chaos of Forms is by far one of the most complex tunes that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. The first half of the song contains over the top technicality and memorable songwriting while the second half sounds like something you would hear from Exivious.

After this, the album pretty much loses any momentum with 3 of the last 4 songs, the exception being Beloved Horrifier. They have the fun 'n catchy riffing privy to other Revocation songs, but don't contain enough flair to maintain much presence. This is what essentially kills the album and is exactly what happened to their previous album. Great song after great song would play with one or two mishaps and then BAM! Flatline. The last 3 songs are total crap and feel like filler, so dense with BS that they naturally fell to the bottom of the list.

While this album is good, it certainly could have used some improvement. The gang shouts could have been left out/replaced and the last few songs should have been cut entirely. Aside from these hitches though, its a pretty damn good effort and would not be a bad starting point if you're looking to get into the band. Potential listeners would be better off with first listening to either "Empire Of The Obscene" or "Existence Is Futile", however.