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Grind gods on the rise - 95%

Xeper, May 31st, 2003

Where the fuck did these guys come from? (Yeah, I know they're from Sweden, wiseass.) A relatively unknown band on No Tolerance Records with a killer debut, these guys deserve a lot more recognition. In my opinion, they one-up Nasum at their own game, creating that sort of grind that's not just generic blasting and has a faintly audible groove that only Swedish grind bands seem to get right. However, some of the stuff on here is definitely riff-driven, sometimes groovier (Scaling the Fortress!!!!!! hell yes!!) and sometimes even with thrashy drumbeats, bludgeoning the listener while never getting boring or unmemorable. Performances are tight as hell, which is all the more impressive since the album was recorded live in the studio and produced by the band. People looking for original and blasting grind, particularly Nasum fans, would do well to check these guys out.