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Amazing black metal - 100%

Taliesin, January 3rd, 2006

In light of Ulv's recent death I thought a review for this his first and greatest album would be in order.
Raven Dark along with bands like Forest and Branikald created the Blazebirth Hall circle. With Berustet av Kriegsdronnet Raven Dark unleashed his dark and atmospheric bent on black metal upon the world. Unlike Verdandi which had a harsher and more epic feeling, this album is made up of long songs which have an almost ambient use of texture to create mood. The feeling is sorrowful and very dark, the feeling of loss in a modern world when your heart longs for the touch of the heathen free winds and the pure woods of old. This album simply put creates an atmosphere unlike any other. It is very impressive that this mystic writer of black metal hymns crafted such an amazing album for his debut. All of his albums and in particular this one, have a pure feeling, an undiluted memory of the past and a deep touch with nature. In this he has a similar touch as the other Blazebirth Hall bands, who each created a sense of the forest and of the old ways. Out of all the other Hall bands I'd say Raven Dark on this album are most similar to Forest. So it made a great deal of sense that Ulv joined Forest. On their third and fourth albums (Foredooming the Hope for Eternity and As a Song in the Harvest of Grief) have a similar feeling to this one.
This is highly suggested to any fan of original black metal that creates a genuine natural feeling of loss and darkness. This is black metal that truly comes from the heart of the forest.