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Classic. - 76%

Nightcrawler, November 10th, 2002

Rainbow Rising is a true classic album, with many talented musicians playing.
Ritchie Blackmore on guitars, Cozy Powell on drums, Jimmy Bain on bass and Ronnie James Dio himself on vocals, and also the keyboardist Tony Carey.
This lineup says alot. All amazing musicians, and that definitely shows on this album.

We begin with one of the best tracks, Tarot Woman. It's opened by a long, kickass keyboard solo, which soon leads into the main riff of the song.
It's a very catchy tune, with a great somewhat epic-ish chorus.
Ritchie Blackmore's solo is just amazing as well. And let's not forget the flawless drumming.
It's a quite fast paced song, which opens the album in a great way.

Run With The Wolf is one of the weaker songs on here. It's a midpaced song, with a slight bluesy feeling to it.
The guitars aren't very interesting here, the riff is pretty boring, and the solo is just mediocre. The best part of the song is the drumming. Cozy Powell goes completely nuts.

Starstruck up next. Killer guitar playing here, great opening and catchy as hell main riff. And the guitar solo is pretty darn great too.
It's a quite fast song, with damn funny lyrics.

Do You Close Your Eyes is probably the weakest song on here, mostly due to the incredibly boring and repetitive chorus: Do you close your eyes x4.
But the guitar riff is really cool, and the vocals are excellent, as well as the drumming. But overall, the song just doesn't reach the level of the other songs.

Stargazer is easily the best song on the album. A fantastic epic, opened up by a mindblowing drum intro.
The verses are dark and have a kind of hopeless feeling to them, and the prechorus remains the feeling.
The chorus of this song is just fucking mighty. Awesome keyboards, those melodies are just classic and will stick in your head for ages, and the vocals are amazing.

The last song is A Light In The Black, a pretty nice song. It's fast, but it's not very catchy. Somehow it feels that the song lacks any special feeling, it just floats around. That's what this song mainly lacks, otherwise it's just fine.
In the song, there is two solos.
We get one great keyboard solo, and then an awesome guitar solo. Actually, it's above awesome. Best solo on the album, and easily the strongest moment of this song.

Overall, it's a very good album, but it could've been better. Rainbow were to improve further with the next studio album Long Live Rock N' Roll, but that's another story.
The album has two amazing songs, those being Tarot Woman and Stargazer. The rest is solid, but nothing more than that, unfortunately.