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There's A Rainbow Riiiiising! - 95%

Dead_As_A_Door_Nail, January 10th, 2004

This album rules. Buy it now, or your life has alot less meaning. I could end the review right there, but i can't, because i'm not allowed to. SO, i'll just elaborate on the all the tracks. We start with the thunderous "Tarot Woman", this is just firey from start to finish. Well done vocals by the golden throated Ronnie James Dio, some very cool riffs by the guitar king himself, Ritchie Blackmore. "Run With The Wolf" is next, a very cool and catchy main riff, and overall a really good song, but doesn't really measure up to "Tarot Woman". But here's a song that can! "Starstruck" kicks ass. Starts off with that cool guitar intro and right into a song full of great riffs and a great vocal delivery by RJD and that chorus is as catchy as a cold. "Do You Close Your Eyes" is the low point, it really doesn't do much for me at all. It's just a ho-hum, pedestrian rocker that just plods on. An average song at best.

Now here's when the album goes from great to goldly..."Stargazer". What a song. such, atmosphere, such tight performances,this is where the band's chemistry shines brightest. The keyboards wraps around the top notch musicianship, adding an eerie,almost dreamy feel to the song. RJD just pours his heart and soul into the vocals, pulling off one of the best performances of his career. Cozy Powell demonstrates his outstanding skill throughout this entire 8 and half minute epic, but especially in the intro. And last but not least...that solo. One of my all time favorites, and up there with the solo in Deep Purple's song "Burn" as his best solo. My God.
Now to the finale, the equally epic "A Light In The Black." Starts off rather speedy and stays that way for most of the song. There is some wicked keyboards in this song, as well as some cool guitar. Awesome song.
Overall, this is one essential album. You don't own this, I pity you.