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Never doubt the power of Rainbow without Dio. - 85%

Rainbow, September 27th, 2002

So I was at a used cd store recently, and I picked up this little number for I had an mp3 of "Street Of Dreams" and thought it was great. Now I also own Down To Earth, but this was my first JLT era rainbow album. Let me tell you something, THIS ROCKS. Totally inspired songwriting from Blackmore, and some of the best singing I've ever heard. "Stranded" is an excellent opener that would be a nice concert rocker, but from there the cd just rips. "Can't Let You Go" just ranks right up there with the BEST Rainbow ballads, Joe Lynn Turner is amazing. The rocking continues with Fool For The Night and the stunningly metallic fire dance. Desperate Heart though seems too streamlined and commercial, and not all rocking. Street of Dreams saves the day and is very memorable.

Compound all this with an excellent instrumental and fast rocking closer and you've got one great hard rock album. Its not Dio, but god damnit, it works.