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not bad, but not quite as good - 70%

UltraBoris, August 18th, 2002

A really odd Rage album, sandwiched between two classics. "Perfect Man" was a good album, but most of the songs were pretty short and there really wasn't much of a progressive sense, like on "Execution Guaranteed". They try to restore that here, but end up failing at times.

There are some really good songs here. "Time Waits for No One" and "Make My Day" are typical Rage, with the second being a total thrasher, and the first somewhat more epic and melodic, though both are about 4 minutes long.

"Invisible Horizons" is also pretty nice - it's the type of song that would go over well on "Reflections of a Shadow" - not nearly as fast and heavy as some of their previous works, but still not bad.

Then, there is the rest. "Without a Trace" is ambitious, but comes up just a tiny bit short. It tends to get a bit repetitive for an 8 minute song. "Talk to Grandpa" is just completely silly, and "She" is pretty horrible as well.

Overall, this has grown on me the last few years... not bad, but that "she takes sweet revenge" chorus is just a bit grating. Oh well - gotta love that thrash break in Make My Day!