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Their answer to Keeper II - 85%

UltraBoris, August 18th, 2002

This is probably Rage's most accessible album. They had been under pressure to create a commercially successful album by Noise Records, and came up with something that sounded like Perfect Man mixed with Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II.

The songs, for the most part, work. They finally manage to write long songs that don't get boring - managing to figure out that six or seven minutes is enough. There's also a few speed metal numbers here to round things out.

Highlights: "That's Human Bondage" opens the album - midpaced but generally heavy. "Can't Get Out", "Saddle the Wind", and "Nobody Knows" are the speed metal songs, and both are done very well. The rest is also pretty good, including the ballad "Flowers that Fade in my Hand", which is the longest track here. "True Face of Everyone" has a very memorable chorus that's typical of Rage.

There are two bonus tracks on some rerelease that I have never heard. So don't ask me about them. This album definitely is one of Rage's best, and is highly recommended.