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The album that broke metal into the mainstream. - 80%

IWP, April 11th, 2008

There were heavy metal that have made it to the mainstream before (British Steel, Blizzard of Ozz, and Number of the Beast, etc.), but it was this album that truly broke metal into the mainstream and made it very popular. It was after all, the first metal album to chart all the way to #1 on the billboard chart back in 1983. Knowing that, this not exactly the best example of heavy metal ever. This album is pretty damn good and all that, but it does tend to get pretty silly and stupid at times. However, this album is fun as shit to listen to.

The only problem I really have with this, and most Quiet Riot albums is Kevin Dubrow. I mean, he's a pretty good singer, but sometimes his voice can be pretty damn silly. It works for the most part, but when the band tries to do ballads and more serious songs (i.e. Thunderbird), his singing just turns the song into an entire abominaiton. Pretty much, Kevin (as well as the rest of the band) were never really meant to be taken seriously. However, this is just one fun band to listen to, so it's not like it's suppose to be serious anyway.

The best songs on this album have to be the hits Metal Health and the Slade cover, Cum on Fell the Noize. Both songs are fun as hell to listen to, and the formal track has a nice 80s sounding main riff that carries the song all the way through. Other songs worthy of mention are Run For Cover, Breathless, and the instrumental, Battle Axe. Run For Coevr is some pretty nice speed metal with a sweet solo. Battle Axe has a nice ass guitar solo that I'm sure had to have influenced Dimebag Darrrel back when he was still teasing his hair.

However, though this album does have classics, it does have a fair amount of filler. All three of the ballads, especially Thunderbird are pretty bad. They especially fucked up the latter track (that was suppose to be a tribute to Randy Rhodes) with that stupid ass chorus. I'm pretty sure Rhodes was turning over his grave in agony upon hearing this song. This is easily the worst song on this album. As stated before, this band was never meant to do ballads. They're just not serious enough. Maybe if they had someone else sing their ballads, they would sound better.

For the most part, this is some good ass glam/heavy metal metal. It's not the most consistent album, but the highlights really shine here. However, I'd take Twisted Sister over this band any day. They do the same style of metal, only better. I'd still recommend this album to anyone into 80s metal. BANG YOUR HEAD!!! METAL HEALTH WILL DRIVE YOU MAAAD!!!!