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Essential 80s Metal; A Landmark Release - 91%

CraiggyOats, August 29th, 2007

Quiet Riot is a band that stood out from the pack in the LA scene in 1983. Of course they later faded out into near-obscurity, but that is another story.

This is the album that made them popular after they were struggling for success in the late 70s (when Randy Rhoads was in the lineup). I can easily understand why this album broke into the number 1 spot.

This album has some filler but not too much. Most of the songs are catchy enough to keep replaying them (save for the filler). More than half of the songs are solid. It’s a party metal album but most of the songs have a good quality to them The vocals, guitars, bass and drums are all solid for the most part.

Metal Health is one of my favorite metal songs ever. It’s a true anthem of rebellion, not unlike Breaking the Law or We’re Not Gonna Take It (but it’s definitely better than those two songs). Once the opening riff hits you, you know this is going to be great metal song. The lyrics are really cheesy but I think that only adds to the appeal and charm of the song. DuBrow’s vocals sound really, really good on this song as does Cavazo’s guitar crunch. And the song has a great guitar solo. Cum On Feel the Noize is a very fun party rocker that is the most popular song on this album (but not the best). This song also features a great guitar solo.

The album features more good material besides the two standard hits. Run for Cover is a great up tempo song with decent bass, good guitars and good vocals. Love’s a Bitch starts out acoustic and then gets heavy. It has a really catchy chorus and good bass. Run for Cover and Love’s a Bitch are tied for second best song on this album (first would be Metal Health obviously). Slick Black Cadillac is another party rocker that is almost as good as Cum On Feel the Noize. One of bonus tracks on the 2001 remaster is a live version of Slick Black Cadillac that is good as well. Let’s Get Crazy is not the greatest but not the worst either. It is middle of the road sleazy sex anthem but I still enjoy it a good amount. The rest of the songs on this album are nothing special.

Favorite Tracks: Metal Health, Cum on Feel the Noize, Love’s a Bitch, Run for Cover, Breathless, Slick Black Cadillac, Let’s Get Crazy